About CopyCheck

CopyCheck is a program designed to identify instances of plagiarism in submitted documents. Text composed from the Internet or earlier submitted papers will be traced down. CopyCheck is not limited like most other plagiarism detectors that only trace the easy to get Copy/Paste text, it also detects the slightly changed, mutated or even translated text from other foreign languages. Only a few minutes after a document has been uploaded a detailed report including references will be available.

Who can benifit
Education (science, or secondary education)
daily homework
software programs e.g. C++, Perl, PHP
Eurasian languages e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic.
How does it work

CopyCheck is fully integrated into the learning environment Moodle and N@tschool as well. CopyCheck can be enabled a simple mouse click and submitted documnts will be scanned and a report will be available withing a few minutes.

The advantages by using CopyCheck

CopyCheck not only saves a lot of time but allso prevents students copying their work from others or from the Internet.


Only the expected number of users will be taken in account. Refer to overview.

Suppported learning environments

CopyCheck is fully integrated into N@tschool and can be enabled by just a single click.

The following documentation covers the use of CopyCheck via N@tschool.

CopyCheck can easily be installed into Moodle by dowloaded the plug-in from Moodle.

The following documentation covers the use of CopyCheck via Moodle.

The following documentation covers the use of CopyCheck via this website.

In case plagiarism control is not part of the Learning Environment, the local CopyCheck Client is an excellent alternative. The file exchange between your intitute and the CopyCheck server is fully automated. Documents from a specied folder will be forwarded to CopyCheck for inspection and the related report will be available within a few minutes in the reports folder.

Currently for Microsoft platform only.

  • No Learning Environment needed.
  • Plagiarism check is independend of the Learning Environment.
  • A minimum overhead for teachers as the students as well.
  • No expertice is needed for teachers, students or staff.

The following links refer to a detailed description of the CopyCheck Client and its fully automated installation.